About SNB
Our products can be found in typically the most popular fast- a busy college cafeteria or casual chains. As a family-owned firm, we put our expertise being applied by the needs of our customers to inventory management from product consultation. Our products fabricated in the US, were created to help manufacturers identify and raise their eating experience that has been industrial, and are made to order.

While several eatery chairs are assembled overseas, we choose to build our furniture in our US service, utilizing large quality, locally-found material. We are here given finest quality manage, using the finest American engineering and manufacturing techniques available nowadays by constructing our merchandise. Along with an industrial plant that’s highly complex, we also use merchandise to be assembled by mastercraftsman like solid wood tables and steel seats.

10 Yr Guarantee
Nothing says help really like the best available guarantee in the industry. You might have heaps of alternatives, and we need one to feel certain you can choose us.

Custom Skills
You say tomato. The sky’s the limit when it comes to customizing our seats. Dress up them with laser- imprinted or cut on models. Complement a timber or metal end you pick. We’re known for the quality and simplicity of our custom orders, and our suitable US service means actually one-of-a-kind requests may be sent rapidly and cost-efficiently.

SIT Joyful
Sit Joyful is a reflection of our goods, people, and lifestyle. From conversation, to the client sitting in our restaurant chair, to sales order, our intention is always to produce their customers, although long lasting and quality furniture which makes our customers happy.